Taffyta Muttonfudge
Taffyta Muttonfudge is a racer from the game "sugar rush". Taffyta is voiced by Mindy Kaling, Melissa Villasenor And Tara Strong. Her theme is strawberry hard candy, and her signature kart is the fast racing Pink Lightning. On the online adaptation of Sugar Rush, both Taffyta and Jubileena Bing Bing are unlocked by completing the first track Sweet Ride. She is often shown licking or sucking on her lollipop.


"The lollipop-lickin' Taffyta Muttonfudge is a top-notch racer in the game Sugar Rush. She is a fierce competitor who keeps her eyes on the prize and isn't afraid to derail anyone who gets in her way. Though vanellope von schweetz is Sugar Rush's reigning racing champion, Taffyta always manages to give her a run for his money with her wicked driving skills."(and one of the fastest)


Taffyta is a young tan-skinned girl with bob-cut platinum-blonde hair, rosy cheeks, a strawberry helmet, a hot pink glittery dress, brilliant red jacket, and pink and white stockings and sneakers. Her helmet has a green brim and her collar is also green. She has blue eyes, glossy red lips, and thick dark lashes varnished in mascara. She is shown to wear a strawberry helmet similar to her dress with a pink visor while racing.


  • Taffyta's Third voice actor Tara Strong[1] is just like Minty Zaki. Taffyta who also voiced by Mindy Kailing who also played Disgust from Disney/Pixar's Inside Out, Docent from Nights at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Amy from The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Justin's Mother from Despicable Me, and Taffyta is also voiced by Melissa Villasenor from Ralph Breaks the internet.